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Hindenburg crash mail - Hindenburg crash covers in the National Postal Museum, Washington, DC - USA

Hindenburg Crash Mail The Scout Covers - An article about Scout franked Hindenburg crash mail from the Netherlands

American Air Mail Society World's largest and second oldest aerophilatelic society. Publishers of the monthly Airpost Journal, and numerous catalogs & books for the aerophilatelist. Crash (interrupted) covers are listed in the American Air Mail Catalogue, sixth edition, volume 1, available from . The next AAMS meeting will be held at the Napex Exhibition in McLean, Virginia from 5 to 7 June 2015. See:
British Air Mail Society World's oldest aerophilatelic society. Publishers of the quarterly Airmail News
China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC) Website - Lots of information about CNAC & listings of all known CNAC crashes

Pan Am 103 Lockerbie Memorial - Official homepage of the Victims of Pan Am Flight 103

Yahoo Directory of Airline Crash Information & Databases - Database of crashes by Airline

Train derailments, wrecks & crashes - many photos

Train Wreck Central - lots of train wreck information, forum, photos

Summary of Known Covers from the Wreck of the "Titanic"

Article "Crashes, Fires, and War Interrupted the Mail"

Crash Covers, an article in Cabinet Magazine

NEW Nordic Air Crash Mail

NEW Aerophil - Crash & Wreck Literature

NEW Wreck & Crash Mail Resources

NEW Crash & Wreck Mail - Mike White

NEW What We Collect -Crash Coves - Metropolitan Airpost Society






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